Idea Usher offers high-end IoT solutions aimed at producing data-driven intelligence by connecting next generation internet with – people and devices.

Link your company with the all-new age group of devices that are internet enabled in the cloud. Alter your active processes of businesses, remake your business and define an all-new customer experience.

What is Internet of Things?

Our solutions are aimed at building innovative business models, products and thereby discover new streams of revenue.

The IoT connects smart stuff to the INTERNET. It can facilitate a flow of data that was never accessible before, and bring consumers information in a much safer and secure way. Idea Usher guesstimates that by 2020 IoT will include 60 billion devices which will be linked to the Internet. Expand and fetch useful insights using our IoT services to improve your productivity.

How is Idea Usher making an Impact in the Internet of Things?

Speed up and switch over to a clever and fast infrastructure network based on IoT by seeking the advanced and comprehensive services of Idea Usher. Our broad portfolio related to the IoT network technologies will assist you in managing, connecting, and running previously independent and non-connected devices.

It is better to protect your digital and physical assets as well as data. Develop and move forward by simply deploying IoT purposes from the haze to cloud.

At Idea Usher, we attach the unconnected and unrelated open standards, with integrated planning from the cloud to end devices with outstanding security and reliability.

We offer business-specific solutions, which you can pick up to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Ready to use IoT Platforms

Idea Usher provides a dedicated platform for IOT. The platform is meant to handle varied requirements ranging from data acquisition to processing. The platform works by collecting data from various IOT devices in order to process and visualize the analytics and data thus received.

Wearable IOT services

These include sensors like gyroscopes, temperature sensors, barometers, accelerometers; wireless connectors like blue tooth low energy; firmware; and other M2M technologies.

How the IOT Makes a Difference

Companies focus on making their products reach the market faster by adapting to regulatory needs, boosting efficiency, and most significantly, by continuing to innovate. With an exceedingly mobile workforce, the IOT can stir your venture forward, by developing a customer base, and altering demand for supply chain.


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