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Digital marketing is not a task but a marketing solution to reach your target customers and accomplish your goals. Thus evolving an excellent digital marketing strategy is critical for success. We at Idea Usher with the help of business analysts and marketers frame a strategy which is unique for every client.

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Goal Formation

We start by setting up clear goals. It’s important not to underestimate how critical it is that a clear goal is set, and the right channels of communication identified, before launching a digital marketing strategy. Setting clear and concise goals substantially increases your rate of success. Without a goal, it is impossible to measure the success of any given campaign. We place a huge emphasis on this in every digital project we undertake. Right at the outset, we take the time to identify your objectives and then create an effective digital marketing plan that focuses on achieving these targets.

Current Situation Analysis

In this stage, a critical evaluation of the business is done and serves as the starting point of the digital marketing plan. A thorough SWOT analysis of the product is done where the gaps and opportunities in the market are assessed and the status quo of the business is measured.

Also at this stage, we do a thorough analysis of the competitors and see what they are doing & how they are doing it especially the online activities. This serves as a benchmark for us. And you, our client, would get a detailed report of all these activities.

Strategy Formulation

This is the stage where we plan the digital journey we are going to take together. It begins with the setting:

Target Audience– Here we evaluate the various segments of your customer base and create groups so that a separate campaign can be created for each group. We define the company’s target audience in various demographic segments such as age, gender, occupation, education, income level, and location.

Brand Message– In consultation with you, we decide what message should the brand’s Website, Social Media Pages, and ads portray and what impression should visitors to the page get. The message is integrated across all the digital avenues and is in sync with the brand’s offline image and USP.

Mediums to be leveraged– There are a plethora of digital platforms out there. Rather than running after every platform, a good digital marketer evaluates a selected few platforms which would be most beneficial for you and this is done keeping in mind your marketing budget. Thus we optimize the different mix of online strategies to be used.

Cost- Benefit Analysis– Here we decide the budget for the different campaigns so that they lead to sales as well as profits.

Execution & Reporting

Here is where our team starts the magic.  In each of our campaigns we integrate the elements such that they increase the brand’s credibility, visibility, usability and sellability.  We start with the aim of increasing awareness, creating communication, building connections, serving customers and increasing sales for the brand with each of our campaign.

Advertising/ Promotion– We create aesthetic and innovative ads with great content and images. With our content, we try to create a potential “sales funnel”. You can read more about our content strategies over here.

Engagement– There is no point in all the activities if you are not able to connect with the audience. We try to maintain 24/7 engagement with users through various mediums and answering their queries and educating them about your brand.

Analytics– It is often said, ‘You can manage it if you can measure it’. We continuously track and monitor the campaigns in terms of ROI and brand equity or connection they create with the customers.

We monitor the user response, click-through rates, conversion rates and develop a detailed progress report.

Continued support from Idea Usher

With this winning strategy, we have helped many businesses rake in the benefits of the online world. With a team of experts consisting of business analysts, SEO & SMO experts, content writers, and graphic designers, Idea Usher is all you need to get you going on the internet.

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