Idea Usher was launched in late 2013 by Nitish Garg as an online solutions firm and in less than a year it has evolved into a 50 member team with clients worldwide. The reason for such success in such a short while is the focus of Idea Usher on quality and timely delivery of projects. It has helped clients to tap the untapped markets and take their businesses online. It has helped young entrepreneurs launch their start-ups in the mobile and web world.

Nitish Garg is a young entrepreneur who is an MBA from Panjab University and a graduate in engineering. He worked in a mobility solutions company where he learned the intricacies of online marketing and software development. He has successfully incubated various start-ups like Oye Hoye Deals and Excel Home Tutors. In late 2013, he quit his high-paying job to launch Idea Usher with the vision of enabling people to harness the power of the ever expanding online world. You can read more about the incredible story of our founder on Quora

What exactly do we do?

We help businesses, entrepreneurs, other creatives, and soccer mom’s alike get their story online.  Once you have an online presence the sky is the limit. This could be a fully functional mobile responsive website.  You may need an animated video created to help explain your company’s product.  Possibly, you’re looking to help solve an aspect of your business with a mobile app that will help you keep work flow for your employees simple and effective.  Bottom line, we are here to help make your life with technology as easy as possible.

Why we do what we do?

As cheesy as this sounds….. We actually care.  If your business is not online you are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table.  You may be online, but you know you are not doing things as effectively as you could be.  Your message might be getting lost among all the other noise on the internet.  We don’t want you to feel that way.  And we get an adrenaline rush watching you succeed and improve your bottom line. Period.

Why should you choose to work with us?

Because you got the steak and we got the sizzle.  You are the expert in your industry and we’ve got the know-how to help make everyone else see that.

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