Our Development Process

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Developing a strategy forms the first step of the  Development Process and an integral one as it maps out the entire mechanism upon the foundational idea.

mobile app designing

Design curation focuses on the market trends and user experiences in order to help your enterprise with a design that stands firm on interface and operations, keeping business expectations at the center of the whole process.

code development

Development forms the amalgamation of the idea and the design and is carried out by developers with expertise in relevant platforms and technologies. Through varying iterations, clients are updated about the work progress.


Along with enterprises, we form a strategy that is critical to the process of user acquisition. Through extensive analysis and detailed research, we reach out to the potential user base.


We ensure sustained performance and an overall consistent development of your project through analytics that help decode the areas of improvement and feasible expansion.

Lean & Agile Development


A Development Model Engineered at Its Core For Startups and Fast Growth Companies.

Our work methodology focuses on an effective agile development framework, which we have named ‘Rapid Agile’, as it combines the best practices from Extreme programming, Kanban, Lean, SCRUM and inculcates all the requisites, the success of which is visible in our results.

Wrapping up work in timeframe Shorter than one promised by other development agencies.
Working with ‘Crisis Projects’ and helping it regrow through effective budgeting and planned deadlines
A comprehensive outlook is integral to our work approach as it helps in improvisation at any stage of the project.
Our development framework is disciplined enough to prevent `cowboy’ coding, yet flexible enough to allow mid- development change of direction.



Regular Sprints

A developer may take all his time and come with an unexpected output or not up to the par results. To ensure, that development process goes according to the project goals, we make sure to review our developers’ work regularly. So, any chances of misinterpreting flow, missing an important feature or going away from UI guidelines are rooted out from day one.


Code monitoring

Code quality determines its lifetime sustainability. Only making out judgment about quality of software through playing with it is not sufficient, code review ensures that standard procedures are followed, Conventions are taken care and redundancy avoided – all of which may lead to poor foundation and bad product in a long term.

UX designing

UX improvement cycles

A plain Functional software isn’t sufficient to grow your startup product with exponential traffic and repeat usage. Your software’s seamless user experience and simple but feel good animations that grow on the user and minimize all hassles are all needed to get user addicted to it.