On Demand
Cannabis Delivery

Key Features

Delivery Management Software

A single dashboard to administer all the aspects of online cannabis delivery business and enhance the user experience.

Business Analytics

Incorporated Business Analytics tools in the app give access to business reports, which provide data-oriented insights for the business.

Route Optimization

Automated route planner provides navigation through the most optimized route to make deliveries in less time.

Supply Chain Management

Keep record of the cannabis in the inventory to manage the delivery demand and supply of cannabis.

Marketing Campaigns

Create customer loyalty and generate more orders by running promotional campaigns and discount offers.

Real Time In-app Chat

Integrated In-app chat allows the customer to chat with customer support to resolve their concerns.

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Customer App

Effortless reach

Patients can easily find nearby pharmacies that deliver Marijuana for medical purposes to their doorstep.

View Pharmacy’s Profile

Patients can view the profiles of the Cannabis Vendor to know about the visiting hours, fees, location, contact information and ratings.

Crucial Information

Find information about the usage, side-effects, dosage etc. of the concerned cannabis.

Live Order Tracking

Patients can easily track the status of their orders and contact the delivery partner from within the app.

Driver App


Using geo-location services, navigate the order delivery partner from Cannabis Delivering Pharmacy to the patient’s location.

Instant Notifications

Immediate alerts to the delivery partner about the delivery of the cannabis.

Contact with the customer

Delivery partner can call the customer from within the app in case of any hitch or confusion.

Driver Earnings

The driver can keep track of their earnings from the order history.

Admin Panel Features

Manage at one place

You can unite the Cannabis delivering Pharmacies, your delivery partners, enable/disable outlet locations, make changes in the catalogue and easily control the online orders- all in one place.

Performance monitoring

Track the number of deliveries, ratings & reviews of Cannabis Delivery, delayed orders, cancelled orders and not delivered orders, which helps to monitor delivery driver partner’s performance.

Analysis and Sales reports

Receive real-time insights with accounting details and create sales report which helps you to discover new opportunities to grow the online cannabis delivery business.