Do you remember the last time you went to a new restaurant or cafe without looking up its Food Menu, rating, and reviews on Google? Some of us won’t even have a meal before taking a photo of it to post on Instagram. The dining experience has become extensively mobile, and there is a good reason for that.

Just have a thought on it, why would anyone want to wait in a line when you can reserve a table in just one click using a mobile app? Why go out at all when you can get anything you want from your favorite restaurant to be delivered to your doorstep?

This represents an opportunity for restaurant owners to capitalize on the growing demand for a better, digitized dining experience. Mobile app ordering is becoming a fundamental element for restaurant owners as it can result in improved sales and a high level of customer engagement.

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The market is already crowded and competition is pretty high. What should be your USP? Your features for restaurant app along with great UI will make the platform robust, and encourage more customers to use your app.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Restaurants-

Mobile Apps have created mystic wonders for several businesses and industries out there in the market competing against each other. Here are some benefits of investing in a restaurant app:

  • Offer convenient solutions for your customers
  • Simplify the order process
  • Increase your reach and access to guests
  • Gain more reviews and testimonials
  • Lighten the workload of your in-house staff
  • Build an army of loyal customers
  • Offer rewards and discounts to increase returning visitors
  • Gain a competitive edge in your area
  • Allow in-app purchasing of merchandise and products
  • Collect valuable marketing data
  • Increase the number of orders and bookings

Must have features that your Restaurant App should consist ofIdea Usher restaurant app features

By now you must be already convinced with the fact that a mobile presence will serve your business, through boosting sales, improving brand awareness and building loyalty.

Also, no business should create an app just to create an app. Which is why it’s crucial, for restaurants to go mobile with important features, as well as the user experience in mind. Always remember, to serve customers first is the one and the only way to serve your business in return.

A Navigation Menu and Search Option to Find everything at Fingertips

Let your customers find what they are looking for in your platform without any hassle. Navigation is considered to be the skeleton of the app. A visually clear and ordered Navigation panel will allow customers to quickly browse and through various segments of your app. And not to forget about the search bar, which is another important feature of any app.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are crucial to any app. Your customers may expect you to provide them with updates, reminders, personalized offers, and more. Push Notifications lets your customers engage and re-engage with your Mobile app. Most importantly, it helps in turning inactive customers into active customers.

Image Extensive Menu

Providing Menu in the app can be a big approach towards engaging users and gaining customers. An In-app Image extensive menu will let your users explore all the cuisines the restaurant offers along with its pictures, engaging them and making them irresistible to order.

Live food tracking

Poor on-time delivery impacts the efficiency of delivery operations. With the Live Tracking feature, customers are updated with the status of their delivery so they can get to know when exactly they can get the food delivered.

Seamless Online Payment

One of the biggest advantages of online payment is that it is quick and hassle-free. This provides the user with a convenient way of transferring funds to the restaurant for the food order. So the customers will no longer need to wait in the queue to clear their food bills, thus saving time and effort.

Table Reservation

Your customers may sometimes find difficult to find a table at walk-in, or you may have customers with a specific table choice. This may spoil their mood and may walk away as well. An app with this feature will help your Customers pre-book a table of their choice in the restaurant, cutting down their frustration from long waits.

Build a relationship with the Loyalty/Referral Program

Providing discounts to your loyal customers can be a great way to retain them. A customer would definitely be happy and would love to visit your restaurant again if you provide her with some discount on her order. This can also turn into an effective tool in gaining new customer through the existing customer’s referral. Restaurant owners can also benefit their customers by providing points on every new customer referral.

If you are a restaurant owner looking to improve business sales, customer engagement, and loyalty or an entrepreneur investing in your next venture, the above features are must to include in your app. A talented and well-experienced team can help you build the right app as per your requirements. Now, as you know that the features of your application are the key to achieving your goals, it is also necessary that you find the right development partner for your project. Finding the right company can be a big challenge but not anymore.

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