FOOD and FOOD-DELIVERY!! When we listen to this word, it keeps on buzzing in our ears. Some years before, we cannot think of it that food will be delivered to us and that too with so ease. But these days, there are no worries about it. You can order your finger licking food from food- delivery app and it will be delivered to you in no time.

The various data shows that online food industry has risen from 150% in 2015, with an estimated Gross Merchandise Volume( GMV) of 300% in 2016. There are so many food-delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, GrubHub etc. but no one is giving competition like UberEATS.

Everyone is doing the same work, then WHAT MAKES UberEATS DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE AND AS THE BEST FOOD ORDERING APPLICATION? Well, obviously, the secret of this will lie in their business strategy.

Let’s see, how does food-delivery app work?

The on-demand delivery mechanism is of the three-sided marketplace- restaurants owners, customers, and delivery riders.

Customer orders their food from the unlimited food menu from their choice of the restaurant using a restaurant ordering app. The restaurant calls for dispatch and the nearby uber driver (delivery rider) will pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.

The question arises how it is different from others? There must be something that will measure their performance?

How it is different from others?

Well, the performance is measured by the time taken for delivery. Reducing delivery time will lead to happy customers, that will lead to a higher income of food-delivery aggregators, and that leads to the better business of on-demand food delivery.

To reduce the time, they have dedicated data and delivery team along with their uber driver services and they keep their areas limited and dedicated, functioning in a small area makes them available and shortened the time. Along with it, they have their revenue share from the restaurant as well.

The whole world has a lot of buzz with many startups and new companies. Ultimately, there’s no way out and to protect themselves from competitors. Working solely with the food-delivery apps that too with the highest quality of delivery service and the easiest user interface is important.

The question comes in mind, where the future lies of On-demand food delivery?

Future of on-demand food industry

Well, the future is bright for the on-demand food- delivery industry. UBS published the report- “Is the Kitchen dead?” and that forecasts delivery sales could rise of an average of more than 20% per year to $365 billion worldwide by 2030 from 435 billion now. So there’s a huge difference. And somewhere the above scenario is true. In this age of growing economies, no one has time and everybody is running at twice of their speed. So, in this, we should eliminate the cooking time though preferences change from place to place and when you have affordable alternatives present for that, then who needs to cook?

Affordable!! Well, yes, the report also states that the prices will get cheaper by 40% in the future. So there’s a lot of scope in this industry.

In a word:

Finally, in the end, we can say that on-demand food- delivery industry is the booming industry in the coming time and investing in this industry will bring fruits to you for sure!!

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