Not everyone is as rich as Richie Rich or Tony Stark to have a robot to fulfill all their enormous need, but with the advancement in science, everyone does have a mobile which is a pretty great substitute of all their manual work.

From a gardener to an electrician everyone is just one click away, but to build such a great efficiency there are certain features which our app must possess in order to compete with the tough competitions and to gain customer attention.



on demand home service app-Idea UsherCOMPETITORS: Never underestimate the potential of your competitors; one great idea can change the entire movie. If customers don’t know what they’re paying for, and managers don’t know what they’re charging for, it’s almost impossible for companies to identify their competitive positions. Different executives place their firm’s offerings in different spots at a price-benefit map; few know the primary benefit their product offers, and they all overestimate the benefits of their own offerings while underestimating those of rivals.

CUSTOMERS NEEDS: Identifying customers need is crucial to any organization as it from the base of its products. The easiest way of capturing market is to fulfill unfulfilled customer needs. Companies try various methods to identify the core customer’s needs such as focus groups, research, etc.

BE ON-TIME: No one likes to wait be it a taxi or food, punctuality is the only shortcut to gain customer trust and faith.

USER-FRIENDLY:  life is already difficult who will look forward to a difficult app so the app with a good graphical interface has the potential to attract huge customers.



on demand home service app - Idea Usher

FILTER IS THE KEY: Going through the entire set of data to reach on that one target product doesn’t really sound like a great idea. Proper filters can reduce the time spent considerably.

PRE-SCHEDULING: App must allow its users to pre-schedule their task so that they can just relax while the app will take care of their scheduled work.

NOTIFICATIONS: In this fast moving world it is difficult to remember everything so your app must take the responsibility to notify you before the occurrence of an event.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: The app must allow its users to choose from various payment options and must never ask for credit cards during the boarding process. It is not required and hurts the trust in the platform.

CREATING ACCOUNT: Customers should be allowed to create an account via email id/ Facebook id/ Google account/ phone number etc. to gain maximum target audience and to remain in touch via messages or ads in future.

VERIFICATIONS:  let the customers validate their accounts using OTPs or email verification links easily and unobtrusively.

TRANSPARENT BILLING: The billing process should be transparent. There should be no hidden amount and even if the cost is fixed or variable the customer should gain a good idea of the expected bill.

GPS TRACKING: The in-built GPS tracker will save the time of your delivery boy and will provide continues spoon of assurance to your customer.

ACCEPT AND REJECT ORDER: Not accepting the order is always better than not being able to deliver the results, so the system must provide the admin with the privilege of rejecting the order from start.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM: Customers loyalty program not just add more customers but helps in retaining existing customers, getting offers for being loyal is a dream come true scenario.


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