Given the speedy progress in the Mobile App Market, there are now apps for almost everything. From ordering food to be delivered at your homes to booking spas at amazing holiday destinations, they let us do it all. You might have heard one of the common phrases – there is an app for that! And Now, talking about the floral niche, it has already become a billion dollar industry. Currently, the floral industry is valued at approximately $105 billion dollars.

And what’s the better way than to spread the love with a gorgeous bouquet right through an App? on demand flower delivery- idea usherapp

If you are a florist who sells different varieties of flowers and bouquets, then you could start your own uber for flowers and help lovers to profess their love for their partners with flowers easily. There are certain features that every great Mobile App must have in. The level of functionality of the application helps determine if the user experience of the mobile app can be optimal.


How are florist Making Millions of Dollars through App?

The whole world is going mobile, and the fact that businesses are improving their customer loyalty and sales with technology is undeniable. These mobile apps for florists deliver a unique aspect to the customers. For instance, customers can order the bouquet in advance, then send the flower bouquet to their loved ones. They can also add a personal note or gifts.

Now as a customer if you want to gift a bouquet to someone or someone special then what would you prefer? To spend a lot of time visiting different flower shops to get the perfect flower bouquet or ordering a flower bouquet right from a mobile app?

According to a recent report by IBIS, “since the last five years, the florist industry has generated around $800 million in revenue, and it is expected to increase. And last year the entire global flower business made a whopping 60 billion U.S. dollars. Thus, Startups like 1800 flowers, The bouqs Co., FTD, UrbanStems, have gained high popularity and have generated huge revenue.

The image below shows the top on-demand flower delivery startup companies.

on demand flower delivery app- Idea Usher

The Must-Have Features for Flower delivery App

Before you hire an app developer, it is necessary that you come up with essential features that you want to have in your app. Here we will be discussing some of the must-have features for an online flower delivery MVP(Minimum Viable Products)

Book Now or Schedule the service: One of the core features, which is crucial to consider is to allow your users to book immediately or schedule the flower delivery service as per their convenience. It is important to consider such feature, which provides your app users with one of the easiest ways to book now or schedule and in-advance services. To create an app like Uber for flowers, this is the highly recommended feature to consider.

Real-Time Tracking: Another essential feature is to allow your app users to track flower delivery person in real-time. For real-time GPS tracking feature, it is important to determine the user’s device location in order to provide one of the effective services. The benefit to provide such feature is that the app users or customers can track their orders easily.

Payment: Without including this important feature, you can’t complete the app like Uber for flower delivery. So, coming to the feature named as in-app payment and users can able to pay using multiple payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Customer Loyalty program: Customers loyalty program not just add more customers but helps in retaining existing customers.

Customized Notes: Allowing users to add a personal note along with the product can be an interesting feature to consider while developing an on-demand flower delivery app. Users can write and send a small message with the bouquet. This feature adds a personal touch and user can show their feelings in the form of the note.


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