In the US, the online on-demand home services sector has reached up to $600 billion. It is growing steadily and is forecasted to increase by 49% by 2021. 86% of consumers are using on-demand services at least monthly. A third are using it more than they did a year ago and all this global change is because home services application has changed the perspective of living.

I know you are already considering it as your next target business so for the next 8 minutes, we will be on a journey to the On-demand home services industry- understanding what exactly it takes to create one and how much does it cost.



The overall cost of creating an app is a combined cost of each stage.

  • Discovery Stage:

    This stage is all about discovering something new and innovative, all great apps began as ideas. To discover new ideas always look for issues prevailing around you and there possible reasons and solutions. It is about establishing root cause analysis of the problem and determining that one idea that can change the normal course of life. The cost involved in the discovery stage is of research.

  • Design of the app:

    Before the developer can develop an app it is important for him to know what are those features and designs that can make your user more comfortable with your application, as, with the technological advancement, everybody wants to experience the best technology without spending too much of their time and exhausting their busy brains.

  • Development of an application:

    The cost in the developing phase depends upon the app development approach:

  1. Native: Provide best user experience but require skills and expertise which makes it the most costly approach.
  2. Web: They are quick and can work on mobile platforms; they are relatively cheap but are less powerful.
  3. Hybrid: It is the combination of both, but is not available through javascript.
  • MVP Determination:

Once you determine the app development approach that’s where MVP (minimum viable product) approach comes into play, that is to design a product with adequate features to satisfy early adopters and to minimize cost while launching your product at earliest. MVP possess 3 basic features mainly:

  1. Enough value that customers buy it initially.
  2. It must forecast enough future benefits to retain its early adopters.
  3. It should provide a feedback loop.
  • Testing and debugging:

Various testings are conducted before launching an application, more tests may result in higher cost but will provide definite results e.g. Alpha testing with a small number of users enables to clear out maximum bugs.

  • Upgrade your app and improve:

    The cost of creating an on-demand home service app is not just limited to its creation but is linked with its customer satisfaction and changing demand, and in order to meet the changing needs of the customer’s continuous improvement and updating are essential.   

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