Last night, while going through my Instagram feed and waiting for my ordered food I realized what we want to see on our smartphones have evolved gradually over the years as new innovations have taken over. Platforms like Netflix, Instagram, PubG, Swiggy, Ola, Ebooks, etc. are more famous than ever. Back in the days of the original Nokia 3210, battery life was rarely a concern, but now it can make or break any brand.

The Mobile application has become an essential part of the business ecosystem due to wider reach to the target audience and higher acceptability. There is a reason on-demand apps are sometimes called Uber for X, where X can be any service or product that is to be delivered at the customer’s end. If you are someone with a breathtaking idea that can change the philosophy of business here is a complete guide on how to create an on-demand home service app.

So, here are certain tips which you might want to consider before creating a home service app:

  • Give and gain suggestions: We all know if you want to stand out from the crowd then you need an extra bit of essence in your idea which can be achieved by gaining and giving suggestions.
  • Build Strategy: Whether one is looking forward to a new business priority, plans of growth, product roadmap or investment decision one good strategy can cover it all.
  • Testing and Debugging: Before handing over the final product testing and debugging plays a really important role in order to maintain developer goodwill in the market.


guide for creating home service app - idea usher

  • Understanding is all you needUnderstand what your customer needs and all the ways that can attract the maximum audience to the page are the only mantras of the great mobile app.
  • “End users not technologies shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”

This well-quoted line by Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics clearly defines the importance of understanding your audience.

  • Be innovative, be new: After understanding the need of your customer tries to accomplish it in the best possible innovative manner. Nobody likes old; the more innovative someone is the more market value they will gain.
  • Success is all about Research:  Research about your competitors and their marketing strategies and all the sites which are similar to the site you are going to create to understand their loopholes.
  • Analyze Cost: Building an app requires money and understanding the costs involved in the process, before starting the work on actual design and development is critical. There are various factors involved while creating an actual budget:
    • Cost of the developer
    • More Complex app higher the money.
  • MVP Determination: Once you determine the cost of creating an app that’s where MVP (minimum viable product) approach kicks in, that is to design a product with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. MVP possess 3 basic features mainly:
    • It must have enough value that customers should buy it initially.
    • To retain early adopters app must forecast enough future benefits.
    • The feedback loop should be provided.
  • UI/UX Design: Service is all about comfort and if the user doesn’t feel comfortable while using your app, he might feel the same about the services all well, which will decrease your creditability in the eyes of both user and service provider. Choose your design carefully.
  • Select the right developer: Your developer act like the queen in the chess, his one wrong or right move can change your entire course of business.
  • There are certain tips to follow while choosing that one right developer
    • Don’t just go for price.
    • Always check the feedbacks.
    • The project must be a time bounded, so should be your developers. A firm like Idea Usher provides you the best designs at the best price.
  • Keep Revising the Product Until Perfection:” The first impression is the last impression”, Perfection is everything as customers are not going to give you second chance to give your very best from the very start.
  • Deliver the end product only after testing: one must deliver their end product only after proper testing and debugging. One must make sure that all the features previously mentioned are achieved. 

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