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Why Us?

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  • Realistic business solutions

    Business oriented solutions implemented in problem solving

  •  Transparency

    100% client-centric and feedback oriented processing

  • Security

    Pen tested solutions created with desired security protocols in place

  • Reliability

    Real-time problem analysis backed up by a team of experts and highly skilled professionals

  • Future-Proof

    Innovation-driven  approach with a long term vision clarity in place

  • User Intuitive Designing

    Aesthetically sound and user-friendly designing methodology followed

  • Scalability

    Development of flexible and scalable deliverables

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A revolutionary market research tool which is designed keeping in mind the absolute and unpredictability of stock market. Backed by machine and deep learning techniques

ShareStock allows financial firms and traders to analyze unstructured data(like financial information on news sites, blogs, across media, etc.) and reveal patterns not previously identifiable by just human eyes-allowing for an entirely new approach to and ‘accuracy’ in trading decisions. It integrates individuals’ behaviour patterns alongside their financial objectives, resulting in more adapted and targeted investments. All this can be done in natural language processing, which means we can have a computer understand the semantics and meaning of how people say something in news, this could be something positive or negative about certain companies.

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Corporate Pal

A unique platform which uses complex algorithmic framework to perform one-to-one matching of recruiter’s requirements with a candidate’s profile/resume.

Self-learning algorithms and machine learning technology minimizes the possibilities of any redundancy. This assists the firm in short listing a bunch of perfectly aligned candidates leading to cost minimization and time saving in long term. Moreover, it works on dual-interface mechanism from which both the candidate as well as the recruiter can benefit simultaneously. Internal feedback mechanism and firm/candidate rating system can also be embedded into platform where a user’s rating can give key insights into his past performance, skill sets as well as future expectations.

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Senti-Mento is fully-duplex opinion mining platform which analyses the feelings(i.e. attitudes, emotions and opinions) behind the words used using natural language processing and vice-versa.

This platform operates on algorithms like LDA, Auto-Tag URL and Named Entity Recognition whose functioning methodology focuses beyond the concept of counting number of likes, shares and comments you get on add campaign, product release, blog post, and video to understand how people are responding to it. Was the review positive? Negative? Sarcastic? Ideologically biased? It allows marketers to capture the complexity of emotional responses thus keeping a close-check on your social and content marketing initiatives. In fact it helps us to “Measure What Matters”.

Industries we serve

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  • Insurance
  • Law/Legal
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • IT
  • Retail/e-commerce

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