Advertising has always been a tried and tested method that all businesses use for strategising their growth since the start. Although, in the digital world where users are being bombarded with an unsteady amount of commercials each day, it’s turning up to be less effective each day. Truth to be told, the average CTA is only 0.05 percent overall ad formats. That’s quite low!

And guess what this implies? The fact that businesses are working on very thin ice and that they will achieve considerable successful outcomes only if they create economy of scale.

use of AI in advertising

There are far bigger problems prevailing in the advertising industry than just the crave for more customers. There are likewise challenges for the publishers and the consumers. Consumers are bombarded with an innumerable stream of often of not relevant ad content, eventually making them deliberately ignore the ads which they come across every day. Similarly, for publishers, the bots and other fraudulents create havoc affecting their relationship with advertisers and ending their work being less effective.

While this may give off an impression for people who are thinking of propelling an ad campaign soon, it is also a marker that suggests the advertising industry has opened its path for disruption. And there’s where Artificial Intelligence and blockchain solutions step in.

AI, the perfect playground for media & Advertising

The use cases of Artificial Intelligence in media and advertising are as diversified as they are numerous. This ranges from ad targeting, content creation, dynamic pricing, fraud prevention, predictive customer service and product recommendation, to programmatic buying, sales forecasting and ad personalisation.

There should be a customised and tailor-made way to achieve the best outcomes. Actually, as indicated by the Adobe Digital Insights Advertising Demand Report, 78 percent of shoppers lean toward customized commercials, yet just 28 percent trust that it is done adequately. Nevertheless, with the pace and recurrence of web-based advertising, it’s really inconceivable for any human to do.

This is the reason why companies like Ubex are creating AI solutions that make it conceivable to offer more personalised and direct ads to consumers. Ubex plans to empower AI with an ability to use site and user data that was recorded by blockchain technology to serve the most engaging and significant advertisements continuously.

It’s believed that this intelligent advertising algorithm will cause consumers to respond more eagerly to online advertising while providing more revenue for advertisers and publishers in the meantime. The days of businesses having to hire marketing experts to test untested online ad campaigns could be in the past.

As presumed that these insightful advertising algorithms will make consumers react all the more anxiously to online ads at the same time generating more revenue for advertisers and publishers meanwhile. It’s not far that the days of businesses hiring marketers to test the best online ad campaigns could be a thing of the past.

What this sums down to is that consumers will come across advertisements that really interests them, which would along these lines prompt to a much better user experience, advertisers witnessing more conversions and easy income for publishers. A happy ending for all the parties involved.

How will Artificial Intelligence Prevent Fraud?

Non-human traffic or in other terms bot fraud is a pain in the ass for everyone. According to reports, bot fraud amounted to advertisers somewhere around $6.5 billion in 2017. That’s a whole lot a money in the drain.

With intelligent bots displaying increasingly human like behaviours, in many cases counter fraud detection system fails to recognize them. This creates loopholes where attackers can go away with millions out of one day. This problem restricts advertiser’s confidence in the previously used methods.

AI in advertising

However, one company has actually advanced advertising technology to put an end to this problem and ensure that their advertising spend is being spent promoting their product only to humans. Kubient has created the only AI-based fraud prevention system that can monitor activity on advertising auctions at a speed of under 10 milliseconds. This is faster than any traditional detection system and can prevent even the most advanced bots from bidding on ads. This is incredibly important for advertisers and publishers alike. Since they can be confident that they are not spending money advertising to bots, campaigns will be more effective and less-costly by simply avoiding the undesirables.

Notwithstanding, one organization has really propelled publicizing innovation to put a conclusion to this issue and guarantee that their publicizing spend is being spent elevating their item just to people. Kubient has made the main AI-based extortion counteractive action framework that can screen movement on promoting barters at a speed of under 10 milliseconds. This is speedier than any conventional location framework and can avert even the most progressive bots from offering on promotions. This is amazingly essential for promoters and distributors alike. Since they can be sure that they are not burning through cash publicizing to bots, battles will be more powerful and less-exorbitant by just maintaining a strategic distance from the nuisances.

AI and targeted ads

However, a company has addressed this problem upfront and have built a really advanced advertising tech solution which guarantees that their spend on ads is being utilized only on humans, not bots. Kubient has developed the first of its kind AI based counter fraud system which can screen movement on ad auctions at a speed even less than 10 milliseconds. It’s faster than any conventional counter fraud detection system and can avert event the most intelligent bots from making bids on ads. This is very essential for advertisers and publishers alike. They can be assured that their money is not being wasted on advertising to bots.

Get On Board, Or Be Left Behind

From a business point of view, for people who are running an ad campaign to grow and market their business, it’s very crucial that they need to be updated with the latest technological advancements available to them. There are just so many people out there with so much consideration and cash to invest in ads. Generally, it has dependably been the advertisers with the grit to accomplish something other than what’s expected that have prevailed in reality as we know it where buyers are progressively tuned to ads by and large. However, research suggests that using AI into online advertising would not require much consideration. Indeed, with the additional security and transparency of blockchain technology tied into these systems, using AI into online advertising symbolises a smart and easy decision.

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