Working together.

Idea Usher is an out of the box tech-solutions company which believes in transforming the complete digital ecosystem by harnessing the power of technology. Our experience is deep-rooted in hyper-growth technologies which include Blockchain and AI technology, assisting our clients in developing dynamic websites, intelligent bots, integrating wallets, creating smart contracts and ICO exchange platforms. Our team consists of a group of technical, creative and intuitive individuals that can help your company achieve the success it deserves. We intend to become the industry model of deliberate effectiveness through our quality services.

 50+ Team of Specialists

We have among ourselves Developers, Designers, Testers, Project Managers, Marketing Experts & Strategists.

 500+ Projects

We have global clients and many years of experience in development and online marketing.

 Our Story so far

We have passed many obstacles and achieved many milestones to reach where we are.

What we do

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 Our Secret Sauce.

Our Unique Processes which have the right blend of art & Science.

Nitish Garg